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Club of lovers of the English language «United English»

Club of lovers of the English language «United English» 

Do you want to learn more about the culture, traditions and customs of foreign countries? Do you want to develop your talent for English language? Do you want to meet interesting people and speak English fluently? Regional library for children and youth invites you to attend the club of lovers of the English language «United English».

 Meetings are free of charge!

Address: 23, Stroiteley avenue, Vladimir, Russia, 600028

Bus stop «Krasnoarmeyskaya street»

Tel. (4922) 33-37-00

Contact person – Smirnov Andrey Andreevich


Welcome to the club!

On January, 17 the first sitting of the club “United English” took place.

To tell you honestly we worried…There were a lot of questions: will the children come?, will it be interesting for them?, will everything go off well?, etc… For the beginning we have prepared the information about the work of the department of literature in foreign languages. We told them about books and magazines we had. Then we held some kind of a poll in order to find out their interests, hobbies, aims.

It turned out that the youth is interested in various aspects of life. That is literature, music, cinema and theatre, culture and art of different nations. It meant that these subjects would be discussed at the sittings of the club. For the participants of the sitting there was prepared the slide show in English devoted to the life and activity of Muhammad Ali, one of the most popular American sportsmen and public figures. On the day of our sitting, January, 17, he marked his 70th birthday. The slide show was a big success and became the subject of the further discussion.

And it was great! The first sitting showed the necessity of such meetings.

If you want to become a participant of the club “United English” – go ahead! Fill in the questionnaire and send it by e-mail. Or come to the library. You are welcome!

On January, 31 the second sitting of the club “United English” took place.

In spite of very frosty weather more than 20 people came to visit the sitting of the club.

The subject was rather interesting – “I am writing to you…”. The participants discussed the rules of business and personal correspondence. They learned about the differences which exist at sending letters by e-mail and by post.

The participants were divided into two teams. Working in groups and competing, they got acquainted fast and understood that learning English might be so easy and interesting!

«London - the сapital of Great Britain…»

On February, 28 the sitting of the club “United English” took place.

Those present could make an amusing virtual journey to one of the oldest European cities – London. The capital of the United Kingdom is really one of the most beautiful towns of the world.

The members of the club could see a very interesting film about sights of London and learnt 10 useful tips for tourists visiting this wonderful city. Madam Tussaud’s Museum impressed them greatly and led to further discussion.

World rock legends “visited” the library.

On February, 14 the sitting of the club “United English” devoted to creative work of legendary British group from Liverpool - “The Beatles” took place. Before the beginning the children got the texts of “The Beatles” songs. The participants learnt interesting facts from the biographies of these legendary musicians. To give full description of their creativity there were used the most popular songs of the group (“Yesterday”, “Girl”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Ready Teddy”, “Love Me Do”), fragments of the film (“Hard Day’s Night”), clips.

The members of the club were pleased to hear familiar tunes and sang along with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Special attention was paid to the personality of John Lennon, a fighter for peace in the world.

The article “Remembering John Lennon” in the magazine “Speak out” № 80 (2010), devoted to John’s 70th birthday, was used to tell about his tragic death and his monuments. It impressed the children greatly.

«Is a subculture real life or an escape?»

On March, 13 the sitting of the club “United English” devoted to youth subcultures took place in Vladimir regional library for children and youth.

At the beginning of the sitting the participants were asked a rather difficult question - «Is a subculture real life or an escape?», the answer to which they had to give at the end.

The materials from newspapers («School English»), magazines («Speak out») were used for the talk. The slide show on the subject “From the history of punk movement” was one of the illustrations to the talk. The aim of the sitting was to give the participants the idea about this subculture, to form an objective view to this youth movement, to dispel the wrong conception about it.

Punk subculture includes a great variety of elements: appearance, music, and special ideology. Punks are often called “lost generation”. It is a riot of some kind, a rebellion against injustice, aggression in the society. Punk movement became the signal showing that not all was good in the society. Great attention was paid to punk-music with which the given subculture was associated. The participants of the sitting learnt about the most famous music bands of the USA and Great Britain, compared them with other music trends.

The children discussed this topic with big interest.

Welcome to the club all those who love learning English on April, 24.

Welcome to the club!

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