State Government-financed Institution of Culture of Vladimir Region “Vladimir Regional Library for Children and Youth” was established as a result of reorganization in the form of a merger of Vladimir Regional Library for children and Vladimir Regional Library for Youth in October 2011.

Vladimir Regional Library for children was founded in 1961. During the years of its activity it has grown into a large-scale multifunctional institution which has the fund of more than 130 thousand documents and serves about 11 thousand users. On the initiative of the library large-scale actions for promotion of Reading as regional Week of book for children, the regional contest "the Best reader" with the participation of writers, journalists, education authorities, public organizations took place every year in the region.

Since 2007, the library has actively introduced modern technologies in the process of library services for children: all the departments of the library have been equipped with the computers, special workstations for users. The integrated computer network has been created.

In 2010, the forum “Children’s library of the future. What should it be?” started its work on the library web site. The participants of the forum discussed the problems of books and reading.

Since 2010 the library has become the initiator of the annual holding of Safe Runet Week in the framework of the all-Russian Week.

Since July 2010, the library has joined the library informational and service system of the Vladimir region (LISS) with the purpose of increase of completeness, efficiency and range of the services for readers with the help of modern information and telecommunication technologies.

The library’s participation in the regional program "Preservation and development of culture of the Vladimir region” largely contributed to its development.

Within the framework of the program the material and technical basis of the library has significantly improved.

Because of significant growth of the fund (the value of the annual arrivals of books and periodicals has reached 1, 4 million rubles) the library has got additional space for the placement of book depository.

The library actively provided methodological assistance to other children’s libraries of the region. Annual regional seminars for library specialists took place.

Methodical manuals, booklets, information materials were published.

In order to unite the efforts and coordinate the actions of children’ libraries, to keep and to develop the library science the library joined the Russian Library Association in 2010.

Before the opening of The Regional library for youth the department for youth functioned in the City Library of Vladimir.  On July 12, 1967, when libraries for youth  began to be established in the country, the library “Yunost’ “ was opened  in the park named after the 850- th  anniversary of the city of Vladimir. At first, it was the City Library, and since 1975 it has received the status of the Regional Library for Youth.

Since 1998, the library began to function as the Centre for education of civics, moral and legal culture of youth. The work of the Centre is being constructed in close cooperation with the bodies of local self-government, bodies and institutions of culture, the Department of the Interior, municipal and district commissions for the affairs of the under age children.

In 2000 the Library Information Center on youth problems was created on the basis of the information - bibliographic department.

In 2001, in the library, the Center of the Legal Information was opened with the support of the administration of the Vladimir region.

Since 2008 the media library and the electronic library has begun to operate.

The library's funds were increased to 130 000 copies of documents: books, CDs, videos and vinyl records. There are electronic readers, too.

The electronic data bases, the system of card catalogues, subject, theme card indexes on all youth problems disclose the content of the funds.

At present the united upgraded library for children and youth (placed in 3 buildings at the following addresses: Vladimir, Mira street, 51; Stroiteley avenue, 23; Dictora Levitana street, 27-A) will be able to offer the modern model of services for children and young users with their dynamically developing interests and the need for new information technologies.

A great work on the changing of the information and the visual appearance of the entire library and each department will take place.

Universal halls, combining the functions of the reading room and the lending department, providing the highest free access to books, periodicals and remote databases will begin operating.

The Information center of psychological support and vocational guidance of the youth will be opened.

A specialized department of foreign literature will be developing in the library. Its functions will be to arrange and carry out thematic parties, meetings with native speakers, discussions.

The website where the user will be able to extend the period of using the books, assess, comment on the work of the library, find information about new authors, literary prizes, interesting books will play leading role in the promotion of reading and library services.

Virtual reference service will be created.

The library will perform the functions of the scientific and research center for the analysis of child and youth reading.

Work on legal education, the prevention of a healthy way of life will actively be built in the framework of realization of the regional program "Complex measures of counteraction to drug abuse and illicit trafficking", "Enhancement of legal culture of the population".

The library will become the center uniting the various institutions and organizations which deal with the problems of children and youth.

Департамент культуры администрации Владимирской области

Департамент культуры администрации Владимирской области

Владимирская областная универсальная научная библиотека им. М. Горького

Владимирская областная универсальная научная библиотека им. М. Горького

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Российская государственная детская библиотека

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